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Secured Key Escort Services in Cloud Computing


Ramavatar Kumawat, Sandeep Singh, Manohar Prajapati


Vol. 13  No. 8  pp. 109-113


Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm in which resources of the computing infrastructure are provided as services over the Internet and this brings forth many new challenges for data security and access control when users outsource sensitive data for sharing on cloud servers, which are not within the same trusted domain as data owners. To keep sensitive user data confidential against untrusted servers, existing solutions usually apply cryptographic methods by disclosing data decryption keys only to authorized users. However, in doing so, these solutions inevitably introduce a heavy computation overhead on the data owner for key distribution and data management when finegrained data access control is desired, and thus do not scale well. The problem of simultaneously achieving fine-grainedness, scalability, and data confidentiality of access control actually still remains unresolved. This project addresses this issue by using access policies based on data attributes that allow the data owner to delegate most of the computation tasks involved in finegrained data access control to untrusted cloud servers without disclosing the underlying data contents. The proposed scheme also has salient properties of user access privilege confidentiality and user secret key accountability. The proposed scheme can enable the data owner to delegate most of computation overhead to powerful cloud servers. Confidentiality of user access privilege and user secret key accountability can be achieved. Formal security proofs show that our proposed scheme is secure under standard cryptographic models. This paper aims at fine-grained data access control in cloud computing and also extensive analysis shows that our proposed schemes is highly efficient and provably secure under existing security models.


Secured Key, Service, Cloud Computing