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Securing Distributed Control of Software Defined Networks




Vol. 13  No. 9  pp. 5-14


This paper shows the method designed to secure and authenticate distributed behavior of the proposed hybrid control model of Software Defined Networks (SDNs) in [1]. Where, the SDN is an emerging topic that tracts attention due to its paradigm, that splits the control plane form data forwarding plane. According to [2], SDN defines OpenFlow [3] as “key enabler for software-defined networks”. However, there have been some debates regarding the scalability of the OpenFlow's controller this is due to the design of OpenFlow as it depends on a centralized controller to control flows. Manny efforts have been put to solve this issue, one of them is the hybrid control model proposed in [1] where the original centralized model is preserved, while adding a distributed control model for some specific cases, in order to increase the network’s efficiency. And based on the well-established fact, that all computer systems and networks should be secure in this work, we propose a security method for such distributed control model of SDNs. In which, we aim to secure the flow installation using the distributed control, in addition to enabling safe usage of the distributed control without any chance of malicious use of the distributed control.


Software Defined Networks, OpenFlow, Network Security, Control Model.