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Comparison of Results Obtained by Application of Techniques Based on Formal Concept Analysis and Oriented Graph for a Remodulaisation Software Architecture Composed of Classes and Packages


Lala Madiha Hakik, Rachid El Harti


Vol. 14  No. 2  pp. 41-46


In a previous study we proceeded to the remodularization architecture based classes and packages using the Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) [2] [13] [14], we then got two possible remodularized architectures. We tried the redistribution of classes by using a technique based on Oriented Graph to determine the packages that receive the redistributed classes, we then got one possible remodularized architecture. After, we have evaluate the quality of a remodularized Software Architecture by metrics for measuring Coupling and Cohesion of a Package for the two techniques adopted. This paper presents the comparison of results obtained by application of techniques based on formal Concept analysis and Oriented graph for a remodulaisation software architecture composed of classes and packages.


Remodularization, Software architecture, Classes and packages, FCA, Oriented graph, Classes and packages.