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Fuzzy Shortest Path Algorithm Based on Comparative Relation


V.T.T Huyen, N.T. Luan, L.M. Tuan


Vol. 14  No. 5  pp. 20-25


The problem of finding the shortest path is one problem attracted attention of many researchers because it is widely used in many fields such as communication, routing and transportation. In the traditional problem, the length of the edge is represented by the exact value and finding the shortest path has solved by Dijkstra’s algorithm. But in fact, the length of the edge is usually expressed by the uncertain value and then we have the model of the Fuzzy Shortest Path Problem. In this paper, we focus on developing an algorithm to find the shortest path in which the weights of the edges are represented by triangular fuzzy numbers. The mathematical basic of the algorithm is based on the concept of Defined Strict Comparative Relation Function on the set of Triangular Fuzzy Numbers


Fuzzy shortest path, comparative relation, Dijkstra's algorithm