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Network Synchronization Coding for Wireless Sensor Network Device


Pattem Sampath Kumar, K.Jaya Sankar, V.Sumalatha


Vol. 14  No. 6  pp. 127-134


Wireless sensor networks are emerging at faster rate in practical industrial applications. During the communication process the packets are transferred via wireless media. The precision of data transferred is dependent on the synchronization approach followed. However in case on wireless sensor network where the devices are located at different range, processing variant of measured data, the Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for distributed Network and Control operation is needed . The IEEE-802.3is defined as the communication standard in such network. In this standard the protocol is defined for clock synchronization based on link to link synchronization. However in distributed network It isrequired to enable accurate synchronization of clocks with varying precision, resolution and oscillator stability in a distributed manner. In this paper a synchronization approach based on a hierarchical synchronization process of master and slave principal


Clock synchronization, distributed system, data precision, wireless sensor network, master-slave hierarchical synchronization