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Effectiveness of Orthogonal Benzzoubeir-Laguerre Moments on The Analysis of Two-Dimensional Synthetic Image Color


S. Benzzoubeir


Vol. 14  No. 10  pp. 36-44


Information, communication and technology have known a larger innovation in the field of research. This technology has a several directions of studies, among the axis most necessary is the image processing. This field underwent a major change by adopting new procedures of analysis, such as Image Analysis by orthogonal Moments. Among this orthogonal moments family: Zernike Moments, Tchebichef Moments and Legendre Moments... This article presents a new set of orthogonal Benzzoubeir-Laguerre moments. These new moments can be effectively employed as devices of model in the analysis of the two- dimensional images. Most important also, this article contains three innovating aspects: 1. The first invention relates to the creation of a new method for treatment and analysis of the digital images 2D: Image analysis by orthogonal Benzzoubeir-Laguerre moment. This new method supplements the need for any calculation of the various existing applications and the experimental results prove in a conclusive way the effectiveness of this new techni-que, which one can regard it as a new descriptor of analysis. 2. The second invention relates to the creation of new mathematical applications: New definition of orthogonal coefficient in the new finite interval [0.1]. New definition of continuous orthogonal Benzzoubeir-Laguerre moments. New definition of discreet (total discretization) orthogonal Benzzoubeir-Laguerre moments. 3. The third invention relates to the creation of a new automatic procedure for the treatment and analysis of two-dimensional images 2D, who allows to analyze the various types of images (synthetic, real…) , with a minimum time, and a smaller error


Benzzoubeir-Laguerre Moments, Two-Dimensional Synthetic Image Color