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IPv6 : Threats Posed by Multicast Packets, Extension Headers and Their Counter Measures


Santosh Naidu.P, Amulya Patcha


Vol. 14  No. 10  pp. 71-79


Security issues concerning the spreading internet protocol version 6 (ipv6) is one of the major issue in the world of networking today. since it is not the default network protocol deployed nowadays (but systems are migrating slowly from ipv4 to ipv6) there are no best practices from the point of network administrators, nor are any guarantees that implemented ipv6 protocol stacks and security techniques without any bugs. this paper addresses some security concerns like extensive use of multicast packets and extension headers and its countermeasures.


Multicast, Extension Headers, Reconnaissance, Rogue DHCPv6 Server Spoofing, Dual-Stack, Tunnels, NAT, Ping of Death