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Split Transfer Omitting Redundant Dirty Pages to Accelerate a Virtual Machine Migration


Jae-Geun Cha, Chi-Hoon Shin, Hag-Young Kim


Vol. 14  No. 11  pp. 41-45


The pre-copy method for live migration lead to redundant transmission of data in the memory which has already been transmitted. In addition, the migration efficiency decreases in the memory intensive environment where the memory is frequently modified because the rate of dirty page increases. Recently, these problem appeared in memory-intensive environment because Big-data and growing complexity of computing environment. In order to address these problems, we propose a method which splits the memory and omits redundant transmission. We simulated our approach base on the pre-copy method to evaluate the performance. In particular, we used static bandwidth for migration and generated evenly dirty pages during migration to show the effect of transferring the split memory. Simulation result showed that the proposed method saved the total migration time from 6% to 65% compared to pre-copy method. Also, when the environment has dirty page rate of 90%, our approach took less total migration time than MECOM which is the improvised version of pre-copy method. Therefore, the proposed method is able to alleviate system performance degradation because our approach takes less migration time than previous method in Big-data or multi-core environment


Virtual machine, Live migration, Pre-copy, Split memory data