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Functional Validation of Inter Processor Communication through Dynamic Analysis


Euteum Jo


Vol. 14  No. 11  pp. 126-129


Inter processor communication driver on smartphones takes a role of physical data transfer between an application processor and a communication processor. In order to sustain a stabilized performance of the upper frameworks of radio interface layer and telephony application, this driver should be thoroughly examined. Traditional method a passively manipulated by developer is conducted without any standard validation tools. As a result, there is time consuming to develop an IPC driver and it is difficult to obtain reliable validation result to the test. We present a tool called DLCTest can be used for dynamic analysis, which is to enhance both observability and the coverage of IPC driver testing. In fact, this tool is actually used during the development process for smartphones structured with dual processors which are mass produced for commercial purpose. In consequence, this tool enables an early validation through an easier and quicker detection on software defects


Radio Interface Layer, Inter Processor Communication, Smartphone Development, Device Driver Validation