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Chained Hexi Codes Signature Scheme


Ilanthenral Kandasamy, K.S.Easwarakumar


Vol. 14  No. 12  pp. 20-27


In this paper, the chained hexi codes (CHC) signature scheme is proposed. This scheme is based on the BCHS1 signature scheme (signature scheme based on BCH) which was proposed by Hamdi, Harari and Bouallegue in 2006. Here a family of hexi polynomial codes is used, instead of BCH codes. The newly proposed chained hexi codes signature scheme has lesser key size and better security when compared to the signature scheme based on McEliece cryptosystem and the BCHS1 signature scheme. A variant of this chained hexi codes signature scheme, that has lesser space and time complexity is also introduced


Public key cryptosystems, McEliece cryptosystem, Coding theory, Digital signature, BCHS1 signature scheme, BCH codes, hexi polynomial codes