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Implementation of Pinkas Partial Matching (PM)-Semi Honest Protocol Using Mixed Multiplicative Homomorphic Encryption (MMH) For Location Based Services (LBS)


Levent Ertaul, Saleha Shakoor


Vol. 15  No. 3  pp. 1-10


In the recent years smart phones have dramatically changed the face of the earth and the way the world operates by emerging itself as a pocket of technology. More then 50% of the smart phones owners use Location Based Services (LBS) of some kind everyday. The core component of the LBS is the proximity testing of users which determines if two mobile users are in vicinity to each other without claiming them to disclose their exact locations. In this paper we have worked on implementing Pinkas Partial Matching(PM)-Semi-Honest protocol using Mixed Multiplicative Homomorphic (MMH) encryption techniques that has the support of private proximity testing by utilizing location tags. This paper provides a practical assessment of proximity testing for LBS by implementing Partial Matching (PM)-Semi-honest protocol with MMH encryption. Android platform has been used for the implementation purposes of this protocol.


Private-Set Matching & Intersection, Location Tags, MMH encryption, Location Based Services, PM-Semi-Honest Protocol.