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Horizontal Aggregations In SQL To Generate Data Sets For Data Mining Analysis In An Optimized Manner


Rekha S. Nyaykhor, Nilesh T. Deotale


Vol. 15  No. 3  pp. 24-28


Data mining is the domain which has utility in real world applications. Data sets are prepared from regular transactional databases for the purpose of data mining. However, preparing datasets manually is time consuming and tedious in nature as it involves aggregations, sub queries and joins. Moreover the traditional SQL Structured Query Language) aggregations such as MAX, MIN etc. can generate single row output which is not useful in generating datasets. Therefore it is essential to build horizontal aggregations that can generate datasets in horizontal layout. These data sets can be used further for data mining in the real world applications. This paper focuses on building user-defined horizontal aggregations such as PIVOT, SPJ(SELECT PROJECT JOIN) and CASE whose underlying logic uses SQL queries.


Data Mining, Horizontal Aggregations, PIVOT, SQL, Data