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A new Web Cache Replacement Approach based on Internal Requests factor


Amany Sarhan, Ahmed M. Elmogy, Sally Mohamed Ali


Vol. 15  No. 3  pp. 73-78


The increasing demand for World Wide Web (WWW) services has led to a considerable increase in the amount of Internet traffic. As a result, the network becomes highly prone to congestion which increases the load on servers, resulting in increasing the access times of WWW documents. Thus, web caching is crucial for reducing the load on network, shorten network latency and improve clients’ waiting time. Many web cashing systems and policies have been proposed to determine which objects to evict from the cache memory to accommodate new ones. Most of these systems and policies are mainly based on the enhancement of a well-known scheme called the Least Frequently-Used (LFU) scheme. Although most of the proposed schemes could overcome the disadvantages of the LFU, they still have lots of overhead and are difficult to implement. This work proposes a replacement policy with better characteristics. Also, the developed system is easier to be implemented than the previous approaches. The proposed policy considers the internal requests generated in each web site and add this factor to the frequency to select the evicted object. Another scheme which was developed in the literature to improve the LFU called Weighting Replacement Policy (WRP). Our research adds the internal requests factor to this policy to improve its performance and assure the effectiveness of this new factor. The simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed approach compared with the earlier approaches.


Web Cache, Replacement Algorithms, LFU schemes, Hit Ratio.