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Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques for Cyberbullying Detection on YouTube Arabic Comments


Tahani Alsubait and Danyah Alfageh


Vol. 21  No. 1  pp. 1-5


Cyberbullying is a problem that is faced in many cultures. Due to their popularity and interactive nature, social media platforms have also been affected by cyberbullying. Social media users from Arab countries have also reported being a target of cyberbullying. Machine learning techniques have been a prominent approach used by scientists to detect and battle this phenomenon. In this paper, we compare different machine learning algorithms for their performance in cyberbullying detection based on a labeled dataset of Arabic YouTube comments. Three machine learning models are considered, namely: Multinomial Na?ve Bayes (MNB), Complement Na?ve Bayes (CNB), and Linear Regression (LR). In addition, we experiment with two feature extraction methods, namely: Count Vectorizer and Tfidf Vectorizer. Our results show that, using count vectroizer feature extraction, the Logistic Regression model can outperform both Multinomial and Complement Na?ve Bayes models. However, when using Tfidf vectorizer feature extraction, Complement Naive Bayes model can outperform the other two models.


Cyberbullying; Arabic dataset; Machine Learning; YouTube