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A Review on the CPU Scheduling Algorithms: Comparative Study


Shahad M. Ali, Razan F. Alshahrani, Amjad H. Hadadi, Tahany A. Alghamdi, Fatimah H. Almuhsin, and Enas E. El-Sharawy


Vol. 21  No. 1  pp. 19-26


CPU is considered the main and most important resource in the computer system. The CPU scheduling is defined as a procedure that determines which process will enter the CPU to be executed, and another process will be waiting for its turn to be performed. CPU management scheduling algorithms are the major service in the operating systems that fulfill the maximum utilization of the CPU. This article aims to review the studies on the CPU scheduling algorithms towards comparing which is the best algorithm. After we conducted a review of the Round Robin, Shortest Job First, First Come First Served, and Priority algorithms, we found that several researchers have suggested various ways to improve CPU optimization criteria through different algorithms to improve the waiting time, response time, and turnaround time but there is no algorithm is better in all criteria.


CPU Scheduling Algorithms, RR, FCFS, SJF; Priority.