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Internal Model Control for Unstable Overactuated Systems with Time Delays


Ines Mahmoud and Imen Saidi,


Vol. 21  No. 1  pp. 64-69


In this paper, we have proposed a new internal model control structure (IMC). It is aimed at unstable overactuated multivariable systems whose transfer matrices are singular and unstable. The model inversion problem is essential to understand this structure. Indeed, the precision between the output of the process and the setpoint is linked to the quality of the inversion. This property is preserved in the presence of an additive disturbance at the output. This inversion approach proposed in this article can be applied to multivariable systems with no minimum phase or minimum phase shift with or without delays in their transfer matrices. It is proven by an example of simulation through which we have shown its good performance as a guarantee of stability, precision as well as rapidity of system responses despite the presence of external disturbances and we have tested this control structure in the frequency domain hence the robustness of the IMC.


unstable overactuated system with time delays; internal model control; virtual outputs, stability; robustness.