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An Extended Work Architecture for Online Threat Prediction in Tweeter Dataset


Dr. Savita Kumari Sheoran and PartibhaYadav


Vol. 21  No. 1  pp. 97-106


Social networking platforms have become a smart way for people to interact and meet on internet. It provides a way to keep in touch with friends, families, colleagues, business partners, and many more. Among the various social networking sites, Twitter is one of the fastest-growing sites where users can read the news, share ideas, discuss issues etc. Due to its vast popularity, the accounts of legitimate users are vulnerable to the large number of threats. Spam and Malware are some of the most affecting threats found on Twitter. Therefore, in order to enjoy seamless services it is required to secure Twitter against malicious users by fixing them in advance. Various researches have used many Machine Learning (ML) based approaches to detect spammers on Twitter. This research aims to devise a secure system based on Hybrid Similarity Cosine and Soft Cosine measured in combination with Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to secure Twitter network against spammers. The similarity among tweets is determined using Cosine with Soft Cosine which has been applied on the Twitter dataset. GA has been utilized to enhance training with minimum training error by selecting the best suitable features according to the designed fitness function. The tweets have been classified as spammer and non-spammer based on ANN structure along with the voting rule. The True Positive Rate (TPR), False Positive Rate (FPR) and Classification Accuracy are considered as the evaluation parameter to evaluate the performance of system designed in this research. The simulation results reveals that our proposed model outperform the existing state-of-arts.


Twitter, Threat detection, Spam, Malware and Cosine Similarity.