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Towards a Taxonomy of Business Process and Its Anomalies


Anna Suchenia


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 230-240


This paper presents the definition of a business process and a taxonomy of anomalies in BPMN. Graphical modeling is very popular nowadays and is easily understood by various specialists from different fields. Modeling is a graphical representation of processes in an organization using available rules and resources. Therefore, it is important to use a universal and comprehensive standard to describe models of processes, decisions and software. Such a standard is the BPMN notation, which is a precise notation, but unfortunately it is only a descriptive and graphical form that may contain inaccuracies. The aim of this paper is to collect and analyze available literature describing current state of knowledge about BPMN notation and to present problems and shortcomings related to this topic. The paper includes a taxonomy of problems, their de?nitions and examples of occurrence in real cases.


business process, BPMN, Business Process Model and Notation, anomalies, taxonomy