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Using Highly Secure Data Encryption Method for Text File Cryptography


Mua’ad M. Abu-Faraj and Ziad A. Alqadi


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 53-60


Many standard methods are used for secret text files and secrete short messages cryptography, these methods are efficient when the text to be encrypted is small, and the efficiency will rapidly decrease when increasing the text size, also these methods sometimes have a low level of security, this level will depend on the PK length and sometimes it may be hacked. In this paper, a new method will be introduced to improve the data protection level by using a changeable secrete speech file to generate PK. Highly Secure Data Encryption (HSDE) method will be implemented and tested for data quality levels to ensure that the HSDE destroys the data in the encryption phase, and recover the original data in the decryption phase. Some standard methods of data cryptography will be implemented; comparisons will be done to justify the enhancements provided by the proposed method.


Cryptography, HSDE, PK, MSE, PSNR, speech file, throughput, text file, short message.