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Dual-Band Fractal Antenna with Bandwidth Improvement for Wireless Applications


Chiraz Ben Nsir, Chokri Boussetta, Jean-Marc Ribero, and Ali Gharsallah


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 75-80


In this paper, a dual-band Koch Snowflake antenna is proposed for wireless communication systems. Fractal geometry, CPW-feed and stepped ground planes are used to improve the impedance bandwidth. By properly introducing a hexagonal split-ring slot to radiating element, a lower frequency band is generated. The proposed structure is fabricated and tested. Experiment results exhibit dual-band of 0.73-0.98 GHZ and 1.6-3.1 GHz which makes this antenna suitable candidate for GSM900, GSM1800, UTMS2100, Wi-Fi 2400 and LTE2600 bands. In addition, a good radiation pattern, a satisfactory peak gain and a radiation efficiency, which reaches 95%, are achieved.


Fractal antenna; Dual-band; CPW-feed; Slot; Stepped ground planes.