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Legal Regulation and Ways to Overcome Corruption in The Authorities of Public Administration


Viacheslav Puzyrnyi, Margaryta Liutikova, Mykola Butko, Oksana Lashuk, Yuliia Olyfirenko


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 293-299


This study is caused by the urgent need to constantly fight against such a shameful phenomenon of society as corruption, the flourishing of which cannot be overlooked. This phenomenon has many negative manifestations and consequences, undermines the national security of the state, slows down the development of democracy, worsens the state of all spheres of life (economic, political, administrative, etc.), worsens relations with foreign partners, forms tolerance for corruption in the public consciousness. Today, the process of fighting corruption is extremely important for our country, because it depends on the independence, democracy, sustainability of Ukraine. However, there is a complex and ambiguous situation regarding this process, as there is a clear coordination of state policy in the fight against corruption, insufficient and narrow understanding of ways to combat it. There is a lack of efforts by the authorities to overcome corruption challenges and use ineffective means of combating them. Instead, corruption causes great material and moral damage to states as a whole and many of its citizens.


corruption, local government, public administration, civil service reform; state regulation.