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Academic Registration Text Classification Using Machine Learning


Mohammed S Alhawas and Tariq S Almurayziq


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 93-96


Natural language processing (NLP) is utilized to understand a natural text. Text analysis systems use natural language algorithms to find the meaning of large amounts of text. Text classification represents a basic task of NLP with a wide range of applications such as topic labeling, sentiment analysis, spam detection, and intent detection. The algorithm can transform user's unstructured thoughts into more structured data. In this work, a text classifier has been developed that uses academic admission and registration texts as input, analyzes its content, and then automatically assigns relevant tags such as admission, graduate school, and registration. In this work, the well-known algorithms support vector machine SVM and K-nearest neighbor (kNN) algorithms are used to develop the above-mentioned classifier. The obtained results showed that the SVM classifier outperformed the kNN classifier with an overall accuracy of 98.9%. in addition, the mean absolute error of SVM was 0.0064 while it was 0.0098 for kNN classifier. Based on the obtained results, the SVM is used to implement the academic text classification in this work.


NLP, Deep Learning, Text Classification, ML, Tags.