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Advanced Transverse Wave Approach for MM-Wave Analysis of Planar Antennas applied in 5G-Technology


Mohamed Ayari, Yamen El Touati, and Saleh Altowaijri


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 295-299


In this paper, a fast numerical electromagnetic (EM) method based on the transverse wave formulation called-up Advanced Transverse Wave Approach (A-TWA) is presented. An appropriate 5G antenna is designed, simulated and investigated in the context of Millimeter-Wave Wireless Communication Systems. The obtained simulation results are found in good agreement with literature. Such a method can provide for the simulators a great library integrating the most complexly and sensitively geometry elements that can have a huge impact on the applications supported by new wireless technologies.


Advanced transverse wave approach; Wireless Communication Systems; 5G-planar structure; Simulation results