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Computer Science Graduation Project During Covid-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Solutions


Abdullah Alghamdi


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 718-724


The graduation project is one of the most challenging courses in the computer science curriculum since it combines all the skills that have been learned in the whole program. Covid-19 pandemic and all the consequences that come with it made teaching graduation projects burdensome. In this paper, the author documents the experience of teaching such a course in Covid-19 pandemic times including challenges, and solutions, and reflection on that experience. A compelling idea for the graduation project has been proposed to be implemented at the college. The idea includes implementing a cybersecurity lab, that has been divided into several teams, using old PCs at the building of the college of computer science and information systems, Najran University, Saudi Arabia. The challenges that arose during Covid-19 lockdown and fully virtual learning experience times have been documented. The solution to those challenges has been proposed, and a reflection on the whole teaching experience has been reported.


Graduation Project; Covid-19; Cybersecurity Lab; Virtual Lab.