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Heterogeneous Parallel Architecture for Face Detection Enhancement


Aishah Albssami and Sanaa Sharaf


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 193-198


Face Detection is one of the most important aspects of image processing, it considers a time-consuming problem in real-time applications such as surveillance systems, face recognition systems, attendance system and many. At present, commodity hardware is getting more and more heterogeneity in terms of architectures such as GPU and MIC co-processors. Utilizing those co-processors along with the existing traditional CPUs gives the algorithm a better chance to make use of both architectures to achieve faster implementations. This paper presents a hybrid implementation of the face detection based on the local binary pattern (LBP) algorithm that is deployed on both traditional CPU and MIC co-processor to enhance the speed of the LBP algorithm. The experimental results show that the proposed implementation achieved improvement in speed by 3X when compared to a single architecture individually.


Face Detection, LBP, MIC, Scheduling