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Enhanced Block-Oriented Behavioral Model for the Linearization of Nonlinear Power Amplifiers with Strong Memory Effects


Marouan Othmani, Manel Chouchane, and Noureddine Boulejfen


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 477-482


This paper proposes a new behavioral model for the linearization of radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers (PAs) exhibiting strong nonlinear memory effects. The proposed model enhances the augmented Hammerstein model through the inclusion of the cross-terms component, and as a result, improved accuracy and linearization performance is achieved. This technique enjoys the benefits of the nature of block-based models and offers more robustness against nonlinear PAs with strong nonlinear memory effects in wideband applications. A proof-of-concept prototype using a commercial PA was built in order to test and evaluate the linearization performance of the proposed DPD. The performance assessment was carried out using 5G new radio (NR) signals with a bandwidth of 40 MHz and a PAPR of 8 dB. The proposed predistorter showed better linearization performance compared to the conventional and augmented Hammerstein-based predistorters.


Behavioral model, digital predistortion, linearization, memory effects, power amplifier