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Development of Public Administration Ukraine in the field of State Security and Protection of Public Order


Rasiuk Eduard, Kovalyova Tetiana, Sopilnyk Rostyslav, Melnychuk Natalia, Kozhyna Alla


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 557-564


The study aims to analyze state security and order in Ukraine. In this work, it is necessary to define features of these areas in different countries, their approaches to the study, its relevance for practical activity. The study addresses the issues of improving specialized structures in law enforcement agencies to enhance public safety. It deals with an essential stage of the development of Ukrainian State Security and Public Order protection. It offers an insight into how it is organized, what kind of powers are given to law enforcement officers, officials who work in state security and public order protection, etc. The study also analyzes problems that arise during this period, their solution, and consequences for further reforms. The research methodology used is descriptive-analytical. The key is to identify how this area originated in Ukraine, analyze security and order and public safety. The study suggests ways to improve the state's public safety system. The paper analyzed research activity in the sphere of state security and public order in Ukraine and abroad. Given the worldwide character of public safety issues, international collaboration is a vital first step. At this level, determining how to teach groups engaged in public safety appropriately is critical.


law enforcement officers; rights and freedoms; international cooperation; ensuring order and security.