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New Backstepping-DSOGI hybrid control applied to a Smart-Grid Photovoltaic System


Salim Nebili, Ibrahim Benabdallah, Cherif Adnene


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 1-12


In order to overcome the power fluctuation issues in photovoltaic (PV) smart grid-connected systems and the inverter nonlinearity model problem, an adaptive backstepping command-filter and a double second order generalized Integrators (DSOGI) controller are designed in order to tune the AC current and the DC-link voltage from the DC side. Firstly, we propose to present the filter mathematical model throughout the PV system, at that juncture the backstepping control law is applied in order to control it, Moreover the command filter is bounded to the controller aiming to exclude the backstepping controller di?erential increase. Additionally, The adaptive law uses Lyapunov stability criterion. Its task is to estimate the uncertain parameters in the smart grid-connected inverter. A DSOGI is added to stabilize the grid currents and eliminate undesirable harmonics meanwhile feeding maximum power generated from PV to the point of common coupling (PCC). Then, guaranteeing a dynamic effective response even under very unbalanced loads and/or intermittent climate changes. Finally, the simulation results will be established using MATLAB/SIMULINK proving that the presented approach can control surely the smart grid-connected system.


Load Flow Analysis, Motor Start Up analysis, THD rate, Real plant.