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LTE Packet Scheduling with Bandwidth Type Consideration


Sultan Alotaibi


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 351-357


LTE (Long-Term Evolution, sometimes known as 4G LTE) is a wireless high-speed data communication technology for mobile phones and data terminals. The Packet Scheduler (PS) is an important component in improving network performance. Physical Resource Blocks (PRBs) are assigned to associated User Equipment by the packet scheduler (UEs). The primary contribution of this study is a comparison of the eNodeB throughput between a suggested method and the Round Robin (RR) Algorithm. The RR Algorithm distributes PRBs among all associated UEs without taking channel circumstances into account. In this research, we present a new scheduling method that takes into account the number of PRBs and associated UEs and produces higher throughput than the RR algorithm.


LTE, Packet Scheduling, 4G, RR.