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Investigating The Challenges and Value Creation of Open Government Data Initiatives


Waleed Rashideh, Maram Alajmi, Abdulaziz Alshammari, Anas Alqudah, Waeal J.Obidallah, and Mohammed Alkhathami


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 585-594


The initiation of Open Government Data (OGD) projects evidently stemmed from digital developments. Growing responsibility and transparency have partially promoted the rapid expansion of OGD projects. Nevertheless, more significant private and state sector inquiry is required within the OGD research field. Advantages provided by OGD include the stimulation of creativity and development, as well as the strengthening of status, legitimacy, and integrity. Therefore, to achieve these benefits, OGD research subjects require in-depth scrutiny. Accordingly, this investigation has established the OGD research fields; determined the limitations of private and state-sector research fields, and established OGD projects’ problems concerning the research aims. The advancement of OGD-related theoretical understanding is one of the original goals of this research. Furthermore, we found that government data should be open by default unless it violates national security or individual privacy. The extant research and analysis’ veracity will be determined through meta-analysis and thematic analysis as part of a comprehensive literature review. As a result of semi-structured interviews, a conceptual framework is proposed concentrating on the challenges of OGD adoption. Consequently, a theoretical foundation for OGD inquiry, incorporating the development of OGD notions and identifying obstacles, defines the research outcomes.


Open Government Data, Open Data Portals, Government Initiatives, Challenges, Value Creation