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Key Open Research Issues For Implementing Femtocell in 5G Networks


Sultan Alotaibi and Saud S. Alotaibi


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 730-740


When aiming to enhance coverage and capacity while simultaneously offering high-quality services to mobile customers at an affordable cost, femtocells have emerged as a viable option (Quality of Service). The objectives and limitations of femtocell implementation in the 5G network have been discussed in this article. 5G wireless system characteristics have also been explored. Furthermore, femtocell network implementation criteria have been added. Numerous research has been done on femtocells and their uses in traffic modeling and implementation for 5G networks. As a follow-up, the most pressing research issues for 5G femtocell deployment were presented and reviewed.


5G, Femtocell, Small Cells, IoT.