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Enhanced Symmetric Encryption Technique for Securing Users’ Data in Public Cloud Environment


A. Fairose Banu, Dr. A. Nisha Jebaseeli


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 785-791


Cloud is the biggest backbone for storing data and maintaining the data reliably. Cloud helps many enterprises to keep their data alive without any management issues. Most enterprises are like to have their data in the cloud because of its benefits. It has more compatibility for accessing the data. Even though the cloud gives many advantages to the users, it has the biggest problem in maintaining the data securely. Cloud is not transparent. Users can’t know the data storage details, and the administrators maintain and monitor the data. The public nature of the cloud may disclose data to other users or the possibility that the administrators can view the data. Hence, data security is the biggest challenge in the cloud environment. To handle the security challenges in the cloud, cryptography approaches may help to do. This paper enhances cryptography data security techniques based on encryption. The research focuses on the symmetric nature of encryption because of its capability to process a huge amount of data. The proposed approach is block cipher encryption to encrypt and decrypt the data using a key. The proposed technique is tested for its security efficiency and performance using the cloud-based deployment and security analysis tool. Test results demonstrate that the proposed approach is more efficient in the public cloud environment.


Cloud computing, Cryptography, Encryption, Symmetric approach, Block cipher.