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A New Robust Blind Crypto-Watermarking Method for Medical Images Security


Mohamed Boussif , Oussema Boufares, Aloui Noureddine, Adnene Cherif


Vol. 24  No. 3  pp. 93-100


In this paper, we propose a novel robust blind crypto-watermarking method for medical images security based on hiding of DICOM patient information (patient name, age…) in the medical imaging. The DICOM patient information is encrypted using the AES standard algorithm before its insertion in the medical image. The cover image is divided in blocks of 8x8, in each we insert 1-bit of the encrypted watermark in the hybrid transform domain by applying respectively the 2D-LWT (Lifting wavelet transforms), the 2D-DCT (discrete cosine transforms), and the SVD (singular value decomposition). The scheme is tested by applying various attacks such as noise, filtering and compression. Experimental results show that no visible difference between the watermarked images and the original images and the test against attack shows the good robustness of the proposed algorithm.


Crypto-Watermarking, Robust, Blind, Medical Images Security