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Utilisation of IoT Systems as Entropy Source for Random Number Generation


O?uzhan ARSLAN and ?smail KIRBAS


Vol. 24  No. 4  pp. 77-86


Using random numbers to represent uncertainty and unpredictability is essential in many industries. This is crucial in disciplines like computer science, cryptography, and statistics where the use of randomness helps to guarantee the security and dependability of systems and procedures. In computer science, random number generation is used to generate passwords, keys, and other security tokens as well as to add randomness to algorithms and simulations. According to recent research, the hardware random number generators used in billions of Internet of Things devices do not produce enough entropy. This article describes how raw data gathered by IoT system sensors can be used to generate random numbers for cryptography systems and also examines the results of these random numbers. The results obtained have been validated by successfully passing the FIPS 140-1 and NIST 800-22 test suites.


Internet of Things, Cryptography, Random Number Generators, Webcam Sensor, Light Sensor.